Welcome Back!

Wow. So, yeah. Update. School’s out, summer’s here, and lots of news. First of all, Terraria 1.3. AMAZING. Secondly, my YouTube channel has grown tremendously since it started, and I thank anyone who is subbed for that. Thirdly, I will try to post as often as I can, but with my schedule, that might be hard. I hope you will all try to look everyday for new posts! TTYL, fellow bloggers!


Video Troubles

I have been having trouble with my new recording system, between inaccurate recording times, or just errors, so I haven’t actually recorded a full video… until today! I finished my 1st episode of my Let’s Play for Terraria! Everything about my channel will be in the video, including run times, upload schedules, and many others! I hope you guys will check daily for videos! And as always, likes and subs are greatly appreciated!

P.S: Here’s my channel page and first Let’s Play video



First off, sorry for all the people who have been anticipating a new post. I never got around to it. Secondly, I got a YouTube channel. Search “BBaller23” in the search, click BBaller 23 instead of BBaker23, and the first one you should see is a picture of Majora’s Mask. That’s my channel. If you have YouTube, subscribe! I’m still learning, so uploads will be infrequent. Hope you enjoy!

A New Website??

I’ve been playing a lot of Minecraft and Terraria, and it got me thinking about 2 things: 1. A YouTube channel (which I hope I get soon) and 2. Why not create a website for gaming? One of my friends already has one, but mine would be about games I play and like (ex. Minecraft and Terraria) As I go along, I will add new games and useful tips and tricks for getting achievements and milestones and that sort of stuff. If you think this is a good idea, like this post. More likes, quicker site creation. Because this is my first time doing this, and only a selective few visit, let’s go for at least 5 likes!

Thanks a lot,

Ryan LaCiv

P.S. Sorry about the lack of posts. Nothing was on my mind. 😉

A Informational Post

I am trying to prevent myself from posting posts on Terraria because I know everyone who visits doesn’t know the game, but I entered hardmode a while ago, which is like the second part of a world. New biomes, mobs, and NPCs. So, yeah. News.

1 Month Anniversary!!!!

Today, even though it was a little rough at school today, is the 1 month anniversary of my blog!!!!!!! I would like to thank everyone who has commented and visited my blog!!!! I hope for the people who visited it will become a daily routine of visiting this amazing blog!!!! I will also post up the 6 month, 1 year, 2 year, etc…, time of my blog. I hope I can get to at least a year before I get bored of it!!!! Thank you so much for all the support everyone has given me! I knew I could get to it, but I still think it’s big!!! Thank you all SO MUCH!!!!